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The UCLA Grid Portal provides a single web interface to those computational clusters that have joined the UCLA Grid. Additionally, the UCLA Grid Portal can directly access some clusters outside of the UCLA Grid, including clusters on the TeraGrid.

Clusters Accessible as part of the UCLA Grid:

Hoffman2 Cluster
Hydro Cluster

Access Data through Globus Online

Compute Power Available in the UCLA Grid:
Number of Clusters: 2
Number of Nodes: 744
Aggregate Peak Performance: 70 TFlops

Important message: UCLA grid portal software is no longer under active development. Although it is working fine, we don't expect all the software that built Grid Portal to have continued compatiblity with latest version of essential software packages and operating system to run the portal for a long time. Therefore, this service will be discontinued in near future. IDRE is working on alternate solutions to provide similar services.

File transfer using Globus Online tools

Globus Online is a fast, reliable service for file transfer that is designed to make file transfer easy for researchers.

Cluster monintoring in UC Grid through INCA:

INCA monitoring of UC Grid clusters      

Who can use the UCLA Grid Portal:

  • Anyone with a login id on at least one of the clusters listed above can apply for a Grid Username and use the Grid Portal to access that/those clusters.
  • Any UCLA student, faculty member, or staff can use the Grid Portal to gain access to pooled cluster resources. A number of clusters contribute resources and applications to the pool. When a job is submitted to the pool, the Grid Portal selects the cluster that will result in the shortest wait time.

You Benefit by using the UCLA Grid Portal:

  • Your single Grid Username provides access to all the clusters, even though you may have different login ids on each.
  • The Grid Portal web interface provides a uniform working environment on all the clusters.
  • Pool-only users gain access to cluster resources without having to apply for an individual login id on a specfic cluster.

The UCLA Grid Portal Provides:

  • Resource Discovery -- See at a glance, the status of all the clusters.
  • Job Submittal -- Submit a job and view the results through the web. Special application services provide easy access to all popular programs. For optimum results, when you submit a job to the resource pool, the Grid Portal selects the cluster to run it.
  • File Transfer -- Easliy transfer files among the clusters and from your local machine to a cluster. Pool-only users are assigned storage space for files on the Grid Portal.
  • File Management and Editing -- Edit files on the clusters and the Grid Portal via the web, create and delete and rename files, change permissions, etc.
  • Visualization -- Visualize chemistry data and 2D and 3D gridded data.

Are You a UCLA Cluster Administrator? It's Easy to add your Cluster to the UCLA Grid:

You can attach your cluster to the Grid by the addition of a Grid Appliance (a special node supplied by the Grid Administrator, which acts as an alternate head node and attaches the cluster to the Grid). This in no way modifies policy decisions you make at the cluster level and your cluster can always also be used directly, without having to go through the UCLA Grid Portal. Contact atshpc@ucla.edu if you are interested.

Not At UCLA?

UCLA makes the UCLA Grid software available to other organizations that want to use it. You can download the UCLA Grid Software via the link at right.


Grid Username
Grid Password

Reset your Grid password
Apply for Grid Access

Please use Globus Online tools for transferring data, not the data transfer interface in portal

UCLA Grid Portal Software Available
See Some Screen Shots
UCLA Grid Portal Screenshot
Installation Screenshot
UCLA Grid Portal Introduction (QuickTime, 41.8 MB)
UCLA Grid Portal Tutorial (QuickTime, 135.3 MB)
UGP Grid Development Environment (QuickTime, 12 MB)
UGP Grid Data Manager (QuickTime, 27.3 MB)